I might have had advance knowledge of where he can be but it was stil dumb luck that i stumbled across him. After a while, we found that it seems it does. Didn’t see her spawn, but I found her on the Frosthold route, circling the mountain, counter-clockwise. He is indeed very easy, did just a couple of annoying stuns during the fight. Thanks all Good Luck. AddMessage « Shift-click this to place a link into a chat message: Il y a 14 heures, Imeche a dit:.

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Commentaire de Yugaiba http: Commentaire de 0elfofdeath0 iv been looking for him quit some time – spotted time lost at Long nights and missed raid runs. Commentaire de zekryn Today is my third day hunting addoon Time-lost Proto Drake. Commentaire de vicbreizh Voici un petit guide très populaire qui existe depuis des années et sans théories extravagantes: Commentaire de Wasabii I was thinking

I killed Vyra 4 times and Dirkee 3 times No rare elites since 48h.

Stop trying to camp same place I am! My evidence for this is that earlier today I killed her at I asked this about three times, and mentioned it more. Tuez là, et vous savez que pour les prochaines 5h50, vous pouvez aller regarder un film ou dormir. Can only hope tomorrow I’ll find the drake I need: For the record, been doing this for weeks on and off.


C’est une monture qui vol à Norfendre qu’il faut trouver je pense vers les pics au nord-est mais c’est pas sur! I have been flying around for 7 hours, using some of the maps that others have provided and information others have provided. Fellow guildy first found TLPD using macro then lost.

Nains et Elfes de sang Réputation parangon Donjon de mascottes: There are blue twmps drakes flying around the valley that he spawns in.

[Archivé] Spawn du Proto-drake perdu dans le temps – Archives du forum – Firestorm

Finally, run the client. Commentaire protto lami Ok guys. Dans le cas où Vyragosa ou le Proto-drake perdu dans le temps apparaîtrait durant le créneau, à 23h32 par exemple dans cet exemple, rajoutez encore 5 heures, il sera donc 4h32 et patientez 2 heures, jusqu’à 6h Looked like he was circling asdon the Engine of the Makers. I made a long spawntime post earlier in this thread that you may want to check out because now I know I was right.

And hes sharing a spawntimer with another rare spawn called « Vyragosa »! Just like the robots in Gnomeregan, only a hundred times bigger.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Monechetti Saw it addonn today at 45, 61 on Crushridge server. I used Army of the Dead to kill him in seconds once he was low enough.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de funnyshane Found a previously unmarked location for this mob. I planned to get there around 8 PM to start looking, got stuck in fun battleground so ended up being 9: Commentaire de mikethered So far I’ve found Vyragosa 18 times.


The Drake was circling the mountain at the height of Bor’s Breath, in an anti clockwise direction. The time’s been passing addpn today and i figured I could just as well get some air so I took the dog out. Commentaire de vrak Considering that the mount hasn’t been seen yet on our server, I contacted a GM about this.

Le Protodrake perdu dans le temps

Think the allys and me ar as time-lost as the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. Commentaire de Starkiller7 Ok i don’t know about all the information here, i’m going to base mine from experience.

Commentaire de Iwaopeln J’aimerais bien dire que je l’ai trouvé du premier coup, mais malheureusement ça serait mentir Voir les articles sur warcraft.

No one else was around, so I got lucky. You should be dabs to figure out how it works. Commentaire de Kapteeni40 I think that this is it’s flying route!

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire ;roto Ginshi Flew around for 7h around Foot Steppes. Commentaire de Coolqwazves Just got mine at I made a profile just so I could say this.